JDPR specializes in custom book PR campaigns that use the latest trends in traditional and digital media to build awareness for authors and their works. We never over-promise, always deliver, and treat every Client’s work with the respect it deserves.


“The New York Times publication is a direct result of Julia’s connections. I have never, in the months I employed her gone a week without a personal update from Julia.” Bruce Holbert

The Hour of Lead

“Not only was JDPR highly effective getting me public appearances, press, and book groups, but they were also so responsive to my concerns. No sooner would I ask for something then it was done.” Susan Sherman

The Little Russian

“I hired JDPR for a publicity campaign for my debut novel and Julia and her team worked their butts off and got great results for a novel with no clear genre. I was writing guests posts and being interviewed left and right.” Lane Heymont

The Freedman & the Pharaoh's Staff