The Pappas Post interviews Paula Priamos


What inspired you to write the memoir?

I talk about this at the beginning of the book, in the prologue. I write about how my father called me shortly before the anniversary of his disbarment. He called to tell me that he had just cheated death. He called me the night before he died. A gunman had approached his car. The gunman was wearing a ski mask and he threatened to blow my father’s brains out and my father was the typical big mad Greek and he basically fought the guy off and drove away.

And he called me later to tell me what happened. What I remember most about that call was that he was afraid. And that was the first time I had ever heard real fear in his voice.

That call haunted me for a really long time. And I wasn’t ready for quite a few years to confront what it meant to me and what probably had happened to my father.

It wasn’t until I started writing this non-fiction piece that I started approaching the relationship between my father himself and our closeness.

And that’s when I decided, when I started confronting what happened, write a book about it.

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