The Boston Globe Interviews Andrew Tilin on The Doper Next Door

Excerpt from the interview:

Andrew began his experiment with testosterone in 2008. His provocative and engaging book, “The Doper Next Door: My Strange and Scandalous Year On Performance Enhancing Drugs” chronicles his adventures with chemicals. Here’s what he told me about his jacked up year.

Although professional athletes typically use more than one PED at a time, Andrew decided to stick to testosterone alone to replicate as best he could what a typical well heeled amateur cyclist could get. Rather than buy his drugs on line or in a gym parking lot, Andrew went to an internist who prescribed these medications. For Andrew, that choice was simple: “I was putting my health on the line and I wanted to do this as safely as possible.”

So how did they work? Andrew said that just taking the testosterone didn’t make him a better rider. What it did do was let him ride hard, recover fast, and then repeat the next day. This in turn allowed him to get stronger and faster and feel fresh when previously he would have been whipped.

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