The Adjustment by Scott Philips – a must-read for hard-boiled crime fiction fans

After his impressive first debut novel THE ICE HARVEST (which was adapted into the 2005 feature film directed by Harold Ramis, starring John Cusack and Billy Bob Thornton), author Scott Philips is returning to true noir form with THE ADJUSTMENT. Taking place post World War II, the novel tells a short, dark, and completely unredemptive story set once again in Wichita and featuring Scott’s rogues’ gallery of crooks, hookers, and generally unpleasant folk.

“Phillips’s gritty noir manages to hook the reader with one of the more repellant leads in recent memory, Wayne Ogden…a thoroughly bad egg [who] will appeal to hard-boiled fans who don’t need redeeming features to become engaged with a character.” — Publishers Weekly

“Phillips’ hometown, again becomes a prime location for seedy noir. Crime fans, especially those who favor a vivid sense of place and time, will love it.” — Booklist

To be published in Booklist’s July 2011 issue.