Kids and parents love Scary School by Derek Taylor Kent! Two Wired Two Tired: “The book is delightfully funny with moody dragons, vampires and T-Rex’s on every page.  Even though many students meet their demise in these silly stories, they are always brought back to life in one form or another and have learned a valuable lessons” For the full article, Suburban Jungle: “It’s creepy and hilarious and just good fun. Both of my children (girl 5, boy 7)  love it and have laughed every time we read a new chapter.  Because a “ghost” is narrating the story, my son was immediately interested. He couldn’t wait to hear about the Scary school.” For the full artice, visit...

SCARY SCHOOL – The perfect summer read for kids

Excerp from review on Diaries of a Domestic Goddess: “What I liked about Scary School is that not only does it give children an opportunity to use their imagination, but it also shows them that smarts and goodness ALWAYS prevails over bullies.  In a time where it seems like bullies are taking over schools all over America, giving the victims not only the comedic relief of a book like Scary School, but also the chance to see that they can win when it comes to bullies…that’s huge, in my opinion. If you would like to read Scary School, be sure to pre-order at Amazon today (just click below to head directly to Amazon)!  The book will be delivered directly to you after it comes out on June 21, 2011!” For the full article, visit: