Denver Westword interviews Daniel Pyne, author of “A Hole in the Ground Owned by a Liar”

Excerpt:  Westword: What made you decide to spin a novel out of this narrow core of reality?: Daniel Pyne: Three things: First, I grew up in Littleton, so I wanted to write something about the West. Second, my brother — who still lives in Denver — bought a mine on Independence Pass. I came out and witnessed what he was doing, and I was extremely amused by it. Third, I already had two characters in my head who were brothers, and I wanted to find an environment in which to explore their relationship, with its inherent themes — loyalty, reality, greed and so on. Not much of it is based on my actual relationship with my brother, but I did poach details from his life and from the mine. But the brothers themselves are complete creations, although hopefully, they feel like real people. For the full interview, click here:

Video interview with Daniel Pyne on The Script Reporter

“Screenwriter Daniel Pyne discusses his impressive writing career in both television and film, which also includes bouts of directing and producing. He’ll also fill us in on his latest career pivot as a novelist with his latest book, A Hole in the Ground Owned by a Liar.” To watch the video, click here:

Fictionaut Five Interview with Daniel Pyne

Here is an excerpt from the interview: “What’s the best writer’s advice you ever got? Stay in the chair.  When you get up, anything can happen.  Sandwich.  Nap.  Seeing what the dogs are up to.  Finding that thing you lost the other day.  Or where the window was leaking last February during the big rain. Getting out of the chair usually involves not writing.  Except when you’re thinking. As long as you don’t think you’re thinking when you get up out of the chair to go and see if there are any Cheez-its left. How did your novel, “A Hole In The Ground Owned By A Liar” find you, and you it? A few years ago, my actual real life brother bought an actual real life collapsed gold mine (not on eBay), and opened it up with his backhoe.  It was awesome.  Meanwhile I had a couple of characters wandering around in my head who needed a place to play out their skirmish, and then I read a news story about a man who, on the way to showing some investors the gold mine he’d purportedly discovered in Indonesia, leapt out of a helicopter and plummeted into the jungle. That was pretty much all I needed.” For the full article, visit:  ...