Review of Elsewhere, California on Necessary Fiction

Excerpt: “Elsewhere, California is definitely a book that looks carefully at some of the fundamental tensions between America’s different cultures—African American, white American, Hispanic, immigrant culture.” Read the full review here:

Praise for Elsewhere, California in the LA Times

Blurb: “[Elsewhere, California] exhibits Johnson’s fearlessness. She goes deep into territory often simplified or sidestepped entirely — the “limbo” of elusive identity, of something that flummoxes or embarrasses. She’s not just questioning what “blackness” is but whiteness — and otherness — and all that lie beneath it. Consequently, Avery’s evolution — a black woman trying to claim her place — is as heartbreaking as it is humorous, powerful as it is poignant, because Johnson so assertively confronts those complexities.” For the full review, click here: