Alma Bond Guest Posts on Three Guys One Book – “When We Fell in Love”

Excerpt: “I was coming home from jogging in Central Park when a nutty taxi driver came around a bend in the road and hit me. I flew 20 feet in the air, then came down and hit a pole hard. I lay on the road unconscious, in a coma, with seven broken bones. I was put in Intensive Care in the hospital, where no one thought I was going to live. They didn’t know me very well.” For the full guest post, click here:...

Review of Marilyn Monroe, On the Couch on TicToc

Excerpt:   “This would be a wonderful work for a book club or reading group.  Be prepared for sadness for it permeates and retreats in ripples and waves from the glittering rock star of a beautiful American Icon, Norma Jean to Marilyn Monroe and back again.” For the full review, click here:

Book Review of Marilyn On The Couch by Sweeps For Bloggers

Excerpt: “I really enjoyed her whole approach. No one is perfect, but if we take the time to understand others we can empathize with them and appreciate the goodness that they have. The book was very interesting and I’m looking forward to checking out others in the series.” For the full review, click here: