San Francisco Chronicle interview with Bobby Keys—“Saxophonist Bobby Keys rolls with rock’s royalty”

“I wish I never threw that damn TV out that window,” he says, knocking back another double shot of Jack Daniel’s. “Nobody ever says, ‘He’s the guy that played the solo on “Brown Sugar.” ‘ They always say, ‘You’re the guy who threw the TV out of the window.’ ”

Keys was indeed filmed with Richards during the 1972 Rolling Stones tour throwing a television set out of a top-floor hotel room window for Robert Frank’s unreleased film with an unprintable title that nevertheless many people have managed to see.

He is sitting at the bar of Tosca Cafe, that North Beach institution where art, culture and alcohol meet, waiting for a party last week to begin celebrating the release of his memoir, “Every Night’s a Saturday Night,” written with Nashville journalist Bill Ditenhafer and published by Berkeley’s Counterpoint Press.”

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