Q&A With Writer Richard Kramer on W³ Sidecar

Richard KramerExcerpt:

3. What have you learned from your current project?

Well, to quote the title of my last book: these things happen. I’ve tried every disciplinary tool there is, some of them successful for a while, some not. These tools usually involve timers, and the theory that one will be “good” within the time blocked out, and remain “good” until the timer dings. “Good” tends to mean not

going on the internet, not noshing, not masturbating — in short, not doing all the things that give life meaning. The trick, I think, is to try to see the allotted timed time as not good,as well, so you can enjoy it, and feel wicked while you’re within it. I think I’ve learned that, but one of the mysteries of writing is how it teaches you something new at just about every moment, not just about writing but about life, or however not writing is described these days.

The big lesson is Dont worry, and dont think. If you are a writer, it will happen; I keep seeing that, that no matter how undisciplined and lazy I think I am, I share that belief with every other writer who’s ever lived, and somehow books get written. As for Dont think, that was a piece of advice given to me by the producer of thirtysomething when I’d hit a wall on a script. It freed me; it saved me from having to be either Good or Smart; it told me to get out of my own fucking way and just drive. Some people call this free-writing, I call it don’t thinking. And I’m learning that all over again, as you have to, with my new book. ”

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