Q&A With Writer Rahimeh Andalibian on W³ Sidecar

 1. What have you learned from your current project?

My book, The Rose Hotel, is a true-life story that chronicles thirty years of my family’s journey after a significant trauma takes place in Iran during the 1979 Iranian revolution. It is a story about what happens inside our family as we cope with tragedy. It is a story of family dynamics, resilience, and hard-won redemption. During the process of writing the book, I learned so many things, including listening to my inner voice, trusting myself more, and letting the creative process guide me, rather than me guide it. I’ve had to learn how to quiet my mind, and to hear and feel my inner wisdom. I’ve also had to develop tremendous patience, which for a “doer” has not been easy. I’ve had to learn that my final words will not be my first or third draft, rather my tenth or thirtieth draft. Writing is rewriting, and really understanding and accepting that has been one of the most important lessons.

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