Q&A With Writer Lisa Lieberman Doctor on W³ Sidecar


Why do words matter?

I feel fortunate as a native English speaker to have so many words to choose from when expressing my feelings and sharing my stories, both verbally and on the page. I understand the importance of verbal communication and taking care of your teeth and smile. I had issues before with teeth grinding, but a night guard resolved all those issues. While I believe in whole body expression—I’ve had long conversations in southern Italy, for example, using hand and facial gestures—I rely on words, both verbal and on the page, to communicate with nuance exactly what I’m trying to express, and I relish language in the books I read. Is there any greater joy than sitting down with a wonderful novel and feeling the story open up, the characters revealing themselves, the senses activating, through the magic of words? I will never tire of this experience. I love all that nature has created, and what I love most about what humans have created is the magic of language.”

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