Q&A With Writer Julia Mary Gibson on W³ Sidecar


What do you find most challenging about writing?

Writing presents a panoply of challenges for me.  Material doesn’t flow from my fingers.  I have to expend a lot of effort.  I ask myself too many questions.  I don’t really like things to be easy, so I do a lot of pacing and deliberating and doubting.  I’m a private person and don’t like revealing myself to strangers.  If only I were an exhibitionist, things might be easier.

Revision is tough.  Often I can see it but can’t see how to execute it.  I dismantle and have trouble piecing the thing back together without visible scars.  I’ve gotten better, though.  I learned a hell of a lot from Susan Chang, my editor at Tor, when we were working on my novel Copper Magic together.

Lucky for me, I’m friendly with quite a few writers who are not only geniuses but also generous, so when I’m really in a jam, I have somewhere to turn.”

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