Q&A With Writer Anthony DiPello on W³ Sidecar


Why do words matter?

Words are the expression of our thoughts, our feelings. Words convey what we want to communicate. The choice of words best describes the nuance of those communications. Without words we would be restricted in our ability to communicate. Gestures? Winks of the eye? Maybe a very talented mime can express herself adequately but even then not nearly to the extent that we can with words. We are fortunate to have the English language as our well of words. English is so rich in variations that allow us to paint a picture. Even the same words have so many meanings, depending on context, that provide a rich source of materials. It’s like an artist having the choice of oils, pastels, watercolors or pencil to use in drawing an image. As writers we have so many resources within the 26 letters of our language to use. Compare our deep well to music. Composers have only seven basic notes from which to form their compositions. Imagine!”

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