Paying Homage to a Father – Mountain News interviews Paula Priamos about her memoir The Shyster’s Daughter

Excerpt from the interview:

It’s a phone call that has haunted author Paula Priamos for years. Just hours before his mysterious death, her father, Paul, called her to tell her how he escaped an attempted carjacking.

Just eight hours later, her father is found dead at his house by one of his brothers. He is buried quickly, with no autopsy being performed, which adds to Priamos’ anxiety and fuels her questions: How did her father die? Did he have a heart attack? Did someone murder him? Did he commit suicide?

The Lake Arrowhead resident’s memoir takes the reader through her childhood and into her adult relationship with the man whose name she bears.

The title of this memoir—The Shyster’s Daughter—says it all. Priamos acknowledges her attorney father’s errant ways (he embezzled money from his clients and was disbarred) and at the same time embraces her relationship with him and professes her love for him.

The book reads like a novel, filled with dialogue and plot. Priamos said she has read a lot of memoirs that are expository and disconnected.

“I wanted the reader to participate with me in figuring out what happened,” Priamos said. While many writers “spoonfeed” their readers information, this one takes her readers on a journey, walking side by side through the Greek culture in Los Angeles.

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