Nina Ansary Interview with The Written Diaries


MK) What are the things that you believe you should be fearless and unapologetic about as a documenter of our times?

Nina Ansary) The things I believe you should be fearless and unapologetic about, is bringing attention to any atrocity that trespasses on human rights, to have the courage to speak out against anything that you feel is wrong in society and being unapologetic about it and taking ownership, I believe is the right thing. I believe that’s really an emblem of fearlessness, it’s fearlessness in the sense that you have a moral obligation and a moral duty about what you believe is wrong in society. So, I really don’t feel apologetic about the subject matter, about the denigration of the women in Iran under the guise of religion, a religion that really has been interpreted by a traditional constituency for centuries that reeks havoc on women’s rights,their  human rights. So I’m very unapologetic and have no problem in bringing attention to this cause.”

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