National Catholic Reporter features Jim Conlon’s Invisible Excursions: A Compass for the Journey

 The National Catholic reporter features an in-depth review of Jim Conlon’s Invisible Excursions: A Compass for the Journey.


“The author of eight previous books, Conlon, 76, weaves his own journey into major events through pivotal years: the Second Vatican Council, war, politics, social unrest, arts and popular culture. He explains how each of these events have influenced and shaped people’s spiritual paths. He invites us to walk with him through “invisible excursions,” into experiences that touch us deeply and allure us into to unknown terrain.

Conlon writes, ‘I often say that an invisible excursion can be understand as falling in love, whereby all barriers, all defenses, and all separations melt away. We become one with the person, one with the idea, one with the project, one with the earth, one with the divine. We embrace our true self and are guided to that place in which we can listen with the ear of our heart, and respond to the cry of creation and the needs of our time.'”

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