Local Author Loves Raising His Family in Palo Alto


“What a pleasure it is to raise a child in Palo Alto.  Leafy neighborhoods, excellent restaurants and whip-smart neighbors are just some of the perks.  This little town punches above its weight.  Palo Alto – or, as it appears in my book, Tall Tree – is one of those surprising hubs of the known universe, a place where the world comes to you as much as the residents love venturing out into the far corners of the planet on both planes and digital pipelines.  With so much exciting intelligence and innovation in the water, catalyzed by the giant magnet of Stanford, Palo Alto draws people, influences, and flavors from all over.  We even have legit bagels.  This is a strong statement coming from a native New Yorker. The bagels at House of Bagels on University are far better than any I have tasted elsewhere in California (or 97% of the rest of the country, for that matter).”

To read Michael’s full guest post, click here: paloalto.patch.com