Lane Heymont Guest Posts on Sheila Deeth’s Blog

freedmanExcerpt of “A Nuh Mi Fi Like It”:

“For those of you who don’t know, the title of this blog post is in Jamaican Patois. It means, “I am not one to like that”.  Accents are usually frowned upon in writing, perhaps not frowned upon, but are often a cautionary tale. The proverbial “they” say one should not write accents in dialogue unless you are absolutely certain you can pull it off. Why? Because, it’s distracting and leaves people wondering what the heck is this character saying.

     Considering the title you might be able to tell I’m not one for accents when I read, which is ironic since my debut novel The Freedman and the Pharaoh’s Staff is rife with them. While writing the book I wrestled with the use of dialects, Southern, Jamaican, and Haitian—most of the character fall into one of these categories. So why did I do it? Authenticity is my answer.”
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