LA Culture Spot loves FIVE UNEASY PIECES by Todd Waring

FIVE UNEASY PIECES by Todd Waring is currently playing at the Elephant Space for the Hollywood Fringe Festival. Please see showtimes and address below.

Excerpt from LA Culture Spot Review:

“Todd Waring’s one-man show, “Five Uneasy Pieces,” is definitely worth catching at this year’s Hollywood Fringe Festival. The title is half accurate. Audiences will actually be treated to six unique characters, instead of five. The “uneasy” part remains true, in the most wonderful way possible. Each of the six characters is struggling with those demons that live just below the surface of everyday life. And each character is losing that struggle. Whether it is the battle against having no talent as a performer (the character, I assure you, not Waring), or battles against reality or the status quo, Waring makes sure each of these six people is engrossing and hilarious. Be warned, the piece includes mature language and gunshots on stage, and the humor is incredibly dark, but absolutely worth it.”

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Upcoming Shows


WHERE: The Elephant Space
1076 North Lillian Way, Hollywood CA 90038

WHEN: June 9,16, and 23 @ 8 pm & June 11, 18, 25 @ 2 pm

For tickets, visit: