Kenny Weissberg Guest Posts on “6 Tips for Writing About Music”


“You’re a self-proclaimed music junkie. Every two weeks you pore over Rolling Stone, which you’ve been subscribing to since junior high, eventually winding up at the album reviews at the back of the magazine. You read about Lorde’s debut smash, the new collection of Springsteen outtakes, the overhyped Imagine Dragons, and the new EP from hip-hop buzz artist Jhene Aiko.

The MojoUncut, and Q magazines are piled neatly next to your vintage Dual turntable. They explore a wider smorgasbord of Eurocentric obscurities by Talmud Beach, Cigdem Aslan, and First Aid Kit. You’re mostly unimpressed with the writing, though admittedly startled that these magazines are unearthing so much new music you’ve never heard.

“I can do better than that,” you say to yourself, while firing up Spotify to check out the new stuff. But you struggle to bring up a blank document on your laptop.”

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