The 5 Secrets to EBook Publishing Success by Mark Coker, featured on Write Online:

“In the old print world, if your book didn’t sell well within the first few weeks of release, it was forced prematurely out of print. That’s sad, because sometimes it can take months or years before a book connects with its audience and goes viral. With ebooks, your book is immortal, virtual shelf space is unlimited and you have more time to find your audience. Many of the best-selling books at Smashwords today took six months or longer to find an audience before they broke out.  Brian S. Pratt, for example, earned $7.82 in his first three months at Smashwords in early 2009. While many authors would have given up after such meager results, Brian was undeterred. More than a year later, he earned over $20,000 at Smashwords in the last three months of 2010.”

To read the full article: http://bit.ly/ii8q5k