Interview with Bobby Keys in Nashville Scene


Bobby Keys: [My book] is just about music. This is about nobody else but music.

Nashville Cream: Is it easy to understand why people are interested in that other stuff — the party stories?

BK: Well, not anymore, because it’s been done to death to death to death. But there are still people that insist that, “Keith had his blood changed back in the ’60s. Yeah, he got so fucked up he went to Transylvania and had [a full-body blood transfusion].”

NC: Yeah, everybody’s heard that one.

BK: Yeah, and people still believe that crap! And it doesn’t matter how many times you try to explain to them that it’s a medical impossibility. You don’t just drain it out one end and put it in the other.

NC: Let me make sure this thing is recording — I like to record it on two devices just in case one gets screwed up.

BK: Aha! You’re a cautious man!

NC: I am, yeah. That’s the thing about the Digital Age, it’s like the click of a button or a battery dies or something and it goes away.

BK: Yeah, that’s very frustrating because I’m not really very fully into the digital period yet. I’m still locked in analog, man.