The Doper Next Door by Andrew Tilin is taking off! This weekend, an exclusive interview with Andrew Tilin will be air edon Bay Area’s KFOG, KNBR and the Bone Sat 7/9 at 6am and KNBR 1050 on Sun 7/10 6 am. Don’t miss it!!!

The Doper Next Door chronicles Andrew Tilin’s daring journey on a one-year-long “legal” doping program to find out just what performance-enhancing drugs might do for the average middle age guy with a job, mortgage, marriage, two kids, and an obsession with cycling. In his year on the juice, Tilin not only learns that America is growing into a nation of dopers: 38 million baby boomers and 25 million Gen Xers entering middle age are legally doping to stave off the ticking clock of time. He also experiences the many positives of supplemental testosterone: increased libido, a leaner but more muscular physique, a significant improvement in his athletic performance, more confidence.

After a year of sipping from the fountain of youth, Tilin is forced to acknowledge the drugs’ powerful impact on his sense of self and the risks to his health and that of his family. But his experiences and honesty in breaking the rules ask us to question social stigmas of doping and to redefine our own morals and beliefs about aging, quality of life, and the foundation of professional sports today.

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