A Conversation with Margaret Coel, Author of the Wind River Mysteries on Omnimystery News


“OMN: What is the best advice and harshest criticism you’ve received as an author?

MC: The best advice? Apply the seat of your pants to the seat of the chair. In other words, set aside all the reasons why you can’t write today, you can’t write at this moment, and just get to it.

Harshest criticism? An agent once told me that somebody ought to write about the Arapahos, it just wasn’t me. (Nineteen novels, one non-fiction book on the Arapahos, and still counting. I hope he reads this.

What I learned: Write whether you feel like it or not. And don’t listen to the negative voices.

My advice to aspiring writers is: persistence, persistence, persistence. If you care enough about writing and never give up, you will get published.”

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