Cocktails, Gigolos & Literary Kicks

Ready for a sexy summertime European literary bash? Join us for Cocktails, Gigolos & Literary Kicks, a one-time special night with bestselling Dutch author Heleen van Royen. Internationally celebrated for her sexually provocative novel, The Happy Housewife, (which describes what most of us only dare to dream about), van Royen is now on U.S. tour with her new work, The Gigolo, a true account of her audacious foray into the world of Sex on Order, only to find that a good Gigolo is hard to “come by.”

Enjoy a night of sexy storytelling, cinematic entertainment, exciting surprise guests, complimentary cocktails and refreshments, and an exclusive interview with Heleen van Royen–not to forget–a free signed copy of The Gigolo.

Note: This event will be filmed live by the film team of the Dutch TV show Waar is de Mole.

Seats are limited so please RSVP with or visit

About Heleen Van Royen:

Heleen van Royen’s novels have sold more than 1.5 million copies in the Netherlands. Her work has appeared in numerous countries and languages. Heleen’s bestselling debut novel “The Happy Housewife” was published in eleven countries and made into a feature film, starring Carice van Houten (“Blackbook”, “Valkyrie”, “Game of Thrones”) in the lead role. The film won the award for Best European Independent Dramatic Feature at the European Independent film festival in Paris. Fore more on Heleen van Royen, visit: or