Climate Change Is Scary, But I’m Not Scared: Keya Chatterjee guest blogs on


“Recently, Nature magazine describe one of many low probability, but devastating risks—the risk that methane could be released in large numbers from the melting Arctic, causing far more warming than anticipated, and far more human suffering than is tolerable[7].

So, why am I not scared?  Why did I decide to have a baby in the face of this knowledge?

Because there are hopeful trends.  Technology can be implemented very quickly, and views can change equally quickly.  The impossible can quickly become inevitable.  A recent poll showed that young people think that climate change deniers are “ignorant” “out of touch” and “crazy”[8].  They also don’t care much for cars, and prefer modes of transportation that allow them to text at the same time[9].   They think electric cars and solar panels are cool.