Cascadia’s Fault – The Earthquake and Tsunami That Could Destroy North America

Written by award-winning journalist Jerry Thompson, CASCADIA’S FAULT tells the tale of this potentially devastating earthquake and the killer waves it will spawn.

For the past 25 years, Thompson has followed the story of CASCADIA’S FAULT, or The Cascadia Subduction Zone, which is a fracture in the earth’s crust roughly one hundred kilometres offshore, running 1,100 kilometres from northern Vancouver Island to northern California. Beyond any scientific doubt, this fault generates a monster earthquake about every 500 years. The last major quake was over 310 years ago. Another is overdue with a 30 percent chance of happening within the next fifty years. Or tonight.

Cascadia’s fault is virtually identical to the time bombs that decimated Sumatra in 2004, Chile in 2010, and Japan in 2011. It will generate the same kind of earthquake, at magnitude 9 or higher. The horrors we witnessed in agonizing detail, broadcast live by Japanese television, will happen all over again when the shores of British Columbia all the way to California, will be crushed by a megathrust earthquake. The shockwaves from the earthquake will slam five cities at once—Vancouver, Victoria, Seattle, Portland, and Sacramento—and will wreck dozens of smaller towns and coastal villages. The tsunami waves will hit the beaches of the West Coast, as well as Alaska, Hawaii, Japan, Indonesia, Hong Kong, the Philippines, Australia, and New Zealand.

Far from presenting a doomsday prophecy, CASCADIA’S FAULT aims to provide readers with a global, historic, and cutting-edge scientific context for understanding the clear and present danger emanating from Cascadia’s Fault. It is a hands-on guide that promotes education, self-reliance, and resilience in the face of disaster. It also puts Japan’s recent tragedy in clear perspective and provides a window of opportunity for all of us to be prepared for what we saw in Sendai, Sumatra and the Indian Ocean, because it is precisely what will happen to North America. The same monster quake; the same killer waves. Beyond any reasonable scientific doubt. The economic impact will be global in scale.

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