Ann Lewis Hamilton Interview with


Norm: Why do we like to read as well as watch fiction?

Ann: We all love stories, don’t we? We can be Sam Spade or Emma Bovary. I don’t prefer one medium to another. Sometimes it’s nice when you’re reading a book to imagine what the characters look like or the settings. And then sometimes it’s nice to see actors and the setting.

My husband and I are addicted to The Knick on TV – a doctor working in a busy NYC hospital around the turn of the century. Clive Owen is wonderful (well, it’s Clive Owen, of course he’s wonderful) but it’s also interesting to see the sets and NYC locations in a different time. And coincidentally I just finished reading Time and Again by Jack Finney, about a man living in 1970 who goes back to NYC in 1882. And even though there are illustrations in the book, you still have to use your imagination – what does Si Morley look like? What is NYC like in 1882?”

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